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Head in She has a crack because someone put it there it is alrignht because it is just white or maybe beige or something like that I found her on the street and anyway if you open this is not a place t Someone that was quite angry which is not a r when i have the intention that is ok it is not the same like when i just do it for no reason not for no reason but more for no purpose i know t Rare phenomenon but more of a habit a bad o there is a purpose to graduate or something like that why am i all so designy these days that’s really not my usual process or result at least t Ne if you ask me but still we kept her because a here is something called a full moon but you already know that maybe what you don’t know is that there is or was this singer called sophie Closet is a closet is a closet like a (continuous pr) and she did the other day i think the thirthieth of januaery in athens she wanted to check the full moon i think it was a wolf one and she we Esent is a continuous present like she said in e nt somewhere hight at least that’s what they said and she fell off and she died that’s it that’s how easy w it is or maybe not so easy maybe th Ver thought that the closet might be a man for ey are lying because that’s not the easiest thing in the world to fall like this and die like bam boum bye bye it is wuite quite sad really if yu t Me she is a woman the closet is female like the towel or something like that the point is how to feel the gaps or go fromone place to another place because when I have the intention hink so i should get t0 it a little faster the problem is that now i always have to go back to correct the autocorrect that is annotying me annoying me very much very very very much actually if you think about it the pont is there is this shop pont it’s called the pont and they have coffees and sandwiches and all kinds of stuff and sometimes I think of so going there but I don’t end up going because it reminds me of something I don’t really want to remember fuck the backspace time is of importance here don’t you think so I found him i don’t really drink coffee anymore now that I stopped pressing backspace the autocorrect stopped working ot what or what this takes time like all good things which is is he not a he not so easy to do if you ask me and probably you are bot not gonna read it anyway I broke my own ruke rule with the packspace mayne that maybe that only makes s the charger ense to me or does it also make sense to you it’s kind of tiring for sure to sit I don’t know if was I was never able the autocorrect just dpes wwhatever the fuk it wants is white and wants without asking anyone in love actually is my favourite chrtistmas movie I don’t know if you say favorite or favourite I think there is some controversy about that blue or light blue at least now it’s kind of more obvius okey I should hurry up I don’t know how I cant get can get there so fast in this position but maybe I can it is my back that is the problem it’s not like I don’t wanna see you Kristina there is a curfew and a back that hurts and I would love to walk but if that means toataking the ferry going to the other side and stuff that would be wuite tricky is the gap baut button is the gap button an option yo to in the (nonstop writing) he said don’t hold it like this cause mayb w you will traumatize that’s’that’s npt what he said youwill traumatise your other muscles too sometimes it’s easier to slow down a little bit the fingeber feels wuite weird in this positiob position this limited time is I wonder what she ould say abkut that because her research is about that really about why des does it have oh yes much me much btter better much mch much better repetiion reeerepetition helps in gsingaining space or taking more space at the in the beginning I w zs was so carefulk step up 1 or 2 or 3 chsnning tatum id hot ad it’s very vute cute they actually married I saw him in another movie too but I don’t remember f uf he was relay good or if he wasn’t is it important that I wrti write abut this this or is it not important I am not sure do you think the charger would be kind of as big as me maybe it wouldn’t be so easy I am not sure that I can do it this fast and I don’t know if I should go to the kitchen or something like that but definitely at the moment 70 kilos that’s it is a way in which (kanguage) maps something between me and another a necessary othetr how am I gonna do this for the thesis I don’t know it’s gonna quite a pity not a pity like sad but be quite intense I am sure why do is ay kind of a lot when ai I speak and quite a lot when I write is a total ototally different language or totally differ quite ususual I am not sure how to ent situation anyway the point was that maybe the beginning was kinf of a mistake cause the closet wasn’t so relevant or the closet is definitely no write or talk about this because it’s t a necessary other or maybe it is I don’t know there is a lot this I know I don’t know when I write do you think I am the only one who enjoyes this quite a thin line between offending like is it making any sense to you or is it just me masturbate with my (not literaly masturbating) but you know how I mean it with with my own rac and expressing he said in my form practice makes perfect makes practice makes masters makes ractice makes sandra and I where supposed to meet last week but I didn’t go to rotter don’t impress b ut express or maybe dam anymore cause we had a fight not with sandra with nils was very annoying he says he needs space but whodoesn’t I aso also need space the she said it I don’t think they like me point is to no know what to do with it when you have it not that I should devide decide what he does eowwith it but you know it’s not really fair t particularly to tell you the truth is o just explode on someone in this case me like this not explode hysically the mee too movement in Greece I am happy it is happy haooening what a this really a map or not I wouldn’t did you see the whole marilyn manson thing that’s being exposed at the moment this is so fucked up so so so fucked up ridiculous what an asshole really know but I definitely like the idea of a language map it would be quite weird to I forgot what I was saying but it doesn’t really matter not generally but in this case it’s okg 1

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