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i like the longer version more than love and anarchy (but i still call it film d'amore e d'anarchia) 

a table with a laptop on it and a projector which projects the screen of the laptop, a chair with a woman on it, who is talking and writing at the same time, tracing her thoughts through language, a stream of thought which is nonstop, circumstantial, and is not being more edited than it already is and the necessary other which is you who is reading and listening at the same time, the necessary other which makes her narratable for the 45 minutes of  attempting to autotheoretically acknowledge the present which is continuous, a continuous excess of written words and spoken words no backspace pressed while typing the words  performance lecture and lecture performance indicate the same thing in any order they appear.


image credit: Ella Tighe

excerpt from video documentation by Fenia Kotsopoulou / HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES / 2021

Photo from antrianna.jpg

a continuous present you know it no is a continuous present

Since 2021 I perform nonstop languaging regularly on the radio. Every other Wednesday, 12.00 CET live at Radio WORM. 



documentation: golubjevaite

written texts from 3 live performances of simultaneously nonstop talking and writing in 2021

performing nonstop talking and writing simultaneously, with a live offline audience present (Artez, studio 18).

(video excerpt and google doc)

video: Eryfili Drakopoulou

performing nonstop talking and writing simultaneously, as a regular practice, at home. writing appears live on this page, talking is uploaded afterwards through audio recording. when viewing this you are invited to play the audio while reading the text.

if the present is continuous which might be then i am still speaking french
00:00 / 30:56
this needs ti happen everyday i'm telling you for sure otherwise we are lost not we more you and me more me but also you because the whole thing is me and you not we
00:00 / 42:42
i keep forgetting to write titles so here it is but a bit made up though yes si bueno
00:00 / 22:16

performing nonstop talking and writing simultaneously, with a live offline audience present (Artez, studio 18).

my set consists on a laptop, projector, table, chair. before i start audience is asked to place their chairs where they want. recorded through audio, photo and the google docs document.

feedback sharing.JPG

Image credit: Ella Tighe

nonstop talking audio feedback sharing studio 18
00:00 / 20:33

the first attempt to combine my practices of nonstop talking and nonstop writing by performing them simultaneously

and nonstop in front of a live offline audience. It took place during the 404 residency @4bid gallery, OT301, Amsterdam. With Luiza Jaffe, the other artist-in-residence we curated an event where our performances and set ups partially overlapped. My set up consisted of a table, a laptop, a mic, a chair, a spotlight, and two projections - one showing my screen as I was nonstop writing, and the other showing the live interactions (result of live coding) of artist and collaborator Sandra Golubjevaite with the live written text.  

Documentation: 4bid gallery 


version #1 for 200 words about the performance:


a performance lecture or/and auto-theoretical or/and i’m very happy this book came out or/and the necessary other plus me or/and i spoke french the necessary other et moi or/and avec moi or/and whats with my french lately or/and are you from greek or/and languaging the present or/and it fails or/and i mind or/and my mind or/and one time or continuous batch or/and making kombucha or/and i pressed backspace or/and what’s this pattern all of the sudden or/and what time does ah close or/and this suddenly feels like an association game which is kinda new berwcause if it wasnt for today this wouldnt have been there is a light that never goes out i might have told you before that i love the smith s and daslso that the continuous presenet you know it no is a continuous presence and a performance lecture is pefformance lecture performance ecture im not about the order yet this just cant happen at this time of the day or at this state of the day or THIS STATE OF ME IN THIS DAY the thing the present sometimes i like it more when its written the otherway she sayid im nuts whats that supposed to eman atually.

an example where i see the potential of nonstop languaging (in this case writing only) becoming autotheoretical. prior to this performance (lecture) i had primed my stream of consciousness by choosing to engage with various sources related to my research and during the nonstop writing there was a live online audience present.  

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