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the guy was bold for sure and he was also wearing glasses and also holding some bags or maybe not and he immediately noticed me i think he was going to jumbo which is a supermarket and he turned his head to the left at some point and he rhythm was easy to follow.

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they were two around 60 or maybe more and they were walking very slowly and they were holding bags and they stopped and sat at a bench so i couldn't continue and they both had white hair not grey but really white white and where they left me there were two little girls playing so the contradiction made me a little sad maybe because i thought of my grandmothers.

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she was going so fast so i had to kind of run which is not the easiest thing at the moment and we crossed the road and i left her as soon as possible.

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the dog had to pee as soon as i started with them and then i thought ok we are gonna go together for a while but then immediately she turned and went in a house which apparently was her house and i was left there waiting but no one seemed to come cause the street was quite small so i was pretending to speak on the phone i don't know why and then she came out again which was great (with the dog) and we walked a bit more but then she met her neighbour and stood still and chated with her for at least 5 minutes. if this was a love relationship i would say that we had duration but we didn't go far.

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she came and i was like yes she is perfect cause she was also walking in a kind of okay rhythm but she kept looking abck so she had definitely noticed me (anyway if you have a camera hanging i think people always notice you in a different way) and i think she suspected something because it felt kind of intimate and she almost brought me home but then i thought she was testing me so i stopped and waited for someone else and later when i was opening my door i saw that she was looking at me.

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unlocking my door i realised that i never looked up.

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